Thursday, May 22, 2008

Some pics!

In my last post I promised pictures of some of the animals on our farm and the garden! So, here they are! I hope you enjoy them!

This is the beautiful Lilac bush that blooms white and purple every year! It smells heavenly! I've been digging up the chutes and planting them along our road as a screen!

This is the vegetable garden I have been working so hard to finish! It's huge but should have enough room for everything we want to grow in our garden!

This is the another duck nesting on our property. She built her nest in our mulch pile - which wasn't the best spot because I wasn't done mulching yet and by the time I realized she had a nest up there, she was already setting on it. She's also very agressive when you approach her! Aw well, I didn't really want to mulch anymore anyway! :0)

This is Cheyenne (left) and Puzzles (right). Cheyenne is a quarter horse that I got when she was just a yearling. Her and I have a long history! Puzzles is an old mare paint horse that we got several years ago and she's great for new riders (like my kids) - I've been giving my daughter riding lessons with her. She's the horse that rebuilt my confidence in riding after I got thrown off another horse one day!

This is Alley (left), Tarzan (center), and Toucson (right). Alley is my husbands horse that we bought super cheap and she has turned out to be an amazing animal! We saved her from going to the sale barn in Wisconsin and have not regretted it yet!! Tarzan and Toucson are horses owned by friends of ours. We board them here for them.

THIS is Princess, the black angus cow I told you about. She isn't very fond of getting her picture taken though.

These are some of our chickens. We have a bunch of different breeds! I love the chickens! They give the best eggs and keep the bugs down!

This is one of the 3 female ducks we have nesting on our property. She decided to build her nest and lay her eggs in an old tree stump in my rock garden. She's got about 15 eggs in there so we'll see if anything hatches.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Where does the time go????

I can't believe it is May 14th already! I have been so busy with a few new wholesale accounts, my website, the shop and just life in general that I woke up this morning and realized I haven't blogged in sooooooooooooo long!!!

The weather here has finally started to feel like spring and so I've been out in the garden weeding, planting, mulching, tilling, and sprucing up every spare second I can! It's really starting to look nice this year! I can't wait to transplant my veggies! As soon as I get it ready I'll post pictures!

Every year I say I am going to live off my garden through winter but it hasn't happened yet! Fall harvest doesn't mesh well with the fall craft show season! But I'll try again this year! I'm going to freeze and can whatever I can.

We got an addition to our farm this past month! Her name is Princess and she is a Black Angus cow! She is blind and was given to us by our wonderful neighbor who raises them yearly. She's pretty cute and my kids love the fact that we now have a cow on our farm! We are working on getting a goat soon too! Goat's milk is an amazing Bath & Body product in itself! I use it to give my daughter a bath which has just about cured her eczema so it just seemed practical to buy a goat and use the milk not only for drinking and cooking but for a new refreshing skin care line!

I'll be back real soon with some business related topics and pictures! Keep a watchful eye everyone!