Saturday, December 27, 2014

Year End Clearance Sale


20% Off nearly everything in the shop - NO coupon code needed! 

No rain checks!  Available on in stock items ONLY.  Sale good while supplies last and will end no later than January 6th at 11:59pm.  

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Free Shipping and a Holiday Break!

Free US Shipping on orders over $20.00 through December 21st with coupon code FREESHIP20
International buyers, I didn't forget you!  Use coupon code INTER5 for $5.00 off your order! 

Coupon code must be used at time of checkout for discount to be applied.  Cannot be combined with any other offers, promos, coupons or discounts.  Cannot be used on custom orders, wholesale products or special requests.  All inventory is limited and will not be restocked until the new year (see below) and no holding or reserving will be done.  Contact me with any questions!



From now through January 7th, we will be on a semi-vacation type schedule!  With the holidays coming and the kids being out of school for what seems like FOREVER this year, We've decided that this year, we would fill the shop with all the remaining inventory and ship out orders as they came in but would NOT be filling or taking and custom orders until the new year. That means that if products sell out, we will not be restocking them until January 8th. There's a possibility we might do some production here and there but we are making no promises until after the new year! :)  We will however, be shipping orders out everyday!  AND the shop will remain open through-out our "vacation".  The only days we will physically close down the shop are December 31st and January 1st for end of year inventory!

This year has been an amazing one for us both personally and professionally and we look forward to whatever 2015 brings!  We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Christine Davis & Family

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thank you!

Thank you!  

For making this years Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales Event one for the record books!  
I'll be working tirelessly all week to get all orders shipped in a timely manner!  I am truly grateful for your support!  I know you have a lot of options when it comes to your Bath & Body products so thank you for shopping with me but more importantly - Thank You for supporting my small (but mighty) small business!!  

                  Christine <3 nbsp="" p="">

Sunday, November 16, 2014

We need your votes!

Some products need your votes!

Basically we're trying to decide between the Exfoliating Body Cleanser (which we might be renaming soon) or the Body Polish Sugar Scrub!

Both are amazing at removing dead skin cells while moisturizing and scenting your skin. One creates a creamy foam as it's used and one does not.

All you need to do is select the one you would like to see us continue to make in LOTS of different sizes and scents.


Again, what is your preference? Do you prefer the Beeswax Lip Butter or the Vegan Friendly Version?  AND do you find the Clip Cap to be a must have or does the cap not matter to you?  I'm looking at some new packaging so I thought I'd ask!  Please pick the two options that you would like to see us keep!

Voting will end on 12/1/14 but that doesn't mean a decision will be made then.  Final product cuts will be made sometime in the new year.  So get those votes in!

Thank you all for your help!!  It's greatly appreciated!!!

Feel free to contact me or post below any questions you might have!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

FLASH SALE - All Body Mousse 30% OFF

All IN STOCK Body Mousse Any Size
30% OFF 

Sale ends at 11:59pm on Sunday August 17th 2014

Valid on in stock retail items only.  Not valid on reserved or custom orders, wholesale, shipping.  No coupon code needed.  Questions? Contact us for details!  

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Our Blog Gets a NEW HOME!

Hey everyone!  In order to streamline everything a little more, our blog will now be located directly on our website at:

This will make updating information and announcements a little easier!  As always, I'll announce any new blog posts on the Facebook Page and other social media outlets too! 

Be sure to check the blog post page every Saturday evening to see what the Sunday Sale is going to be!! :)

Thank you so much!

Monday, January 20, 2014

2014 Price Changes - REVISED

I'm beyond thrilled to announce that the post below is being changed slightly due to an amazing supplier of mine securing better pricing and passing those savings on to me so that I can pass them along to you!  It really does pay to stick with companies that you trust and communicate with!  So - I'm dying to tell you that the prices announced earlier are changing!  Here's the NEW break down! Note the changes marked in RED:

INCREASES: (effective 2/1/14)
Cold Process Soaps $5.50
Dead Sea Black Mud Facial Bar $6.25 $5.75
Patchouli Mint Facial Bars $6.00 $5.75
Tea Tree Facial Bars $6.00 $5.75
Shaving Soap Bars $5.50
Velvet Face and Night Repair Facial Creams $13.00/2.4oz Jar $6.75/Sample Set

DECREASES: (effective 1/24/14)
Body Polish Sugar Scrubs $8.00/6oz Jars $10.00/12oz Jar
Mask Therapy Facial Masks $7.75/2oz Jar $9.00/Sample Set of 3
Skin Dessert Refreshing Body Mist 4oz Bottle $10.00
Vegan Deodorant Sticks $9.75 $8.50

^^^^^ Did you all see that????  That's right!!  Not only will Deodorant prices NOT be going up they are actually going DOWN!!!!  I've already changed all the pricing on Etsy and the Website (Note: Etsy prices are slightly higher due to selling fees - I'll be working on that next) The price increase will take effect on February 1st! :)

A few weeks ago I talked about how the prices would be changing in 2014.  As a business owner there is nothing I dread more than having to increase prices.  I try to keep them as low as possible but I refuse to buy cheap ingredients or use "fillers" in my products to cut costs.  I also use dependable and reputable suppliers for this reason.  I've tried using others suppliers and other ingredients hoping to reduce the product costs before but the end result was a poor quality product and I won't sell poor quality anything!  As a result, my suppliers have, over the course of the last 6-8 months, increased the cost of some supplies, ingredients and containers which meant sitting down with my really old adding machine and punching numbers!  The good news - some products are getting a price DECREASE which will take effect today! 

So, without further ado, here's what products are increasing and decreasing and what the prices will now be. 

INCREASES: (effective 2/1/14)
Cold Process Soaps $5.50
Dead Sea Black Mud Facial Bar $6.25
Patchouli Mint Facial Bars $6.00
Tea Tree Facial Bars $6.00
Shaving Soap Bars $5.50
Vegan Deodorant Sticks $9.75
Velvet Face and Night Repair Facial Creams $13.00/2.4oz Jar $6.75/Sample Set

DECREASES: (effective 1/20/14)
Body Polish Sugar Scrubs $8.00/6oz Jars $10.00/12oz Jar
Mask Therapy Facial Masks $7.75/2oz Jar $9.00/Sample Set of 3
Skin Dessert Refreshing Body Mist 4oz Bottle $10.00

I was so excited to reduce the Mask Therapy collection!!  I know you are too!!  :)

Product decreases will take effect before the end of the day and price increase will take effect February 1st.  Please contact me with any questions! 

Thank you all for your patience and understanding!!  Your business means everything to me and I appreciate everyone of you! :)