Wednesday, July 28, 2010

H.R. 5786, The Safe Cosmetics Bill of 2010

On July 20th 2010, a new bill was introduced, H.R. 5786, The Safe Cosmetics Bill of 2010. If this bill is passed as it is currently written, many small businesses within this industry will be effected tremendously.

To see what this bill would mean the way it is currently written, please click this link:

To read the entire bill please click here:

The EGCG Team and many other bath and body manufactorers are petitioning to oppose this bill before it's passed. We would like your help in doing so and ask that you sign this petition as well.

Click this link to sign the petition:

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Body Mousse being discountinued.... :0(

As a heads up - my Body Mousse will not be returning when I reopen my shop and website. I was receiving complaints that the mousse was separating during transit and then it started happening while it was sitting in my temperature controlled stock room with no rhyme or reason. I've tried adjusting things, duplicating recipes, changing techniques to no avail. It happens sometimes and not others. So I've decided the best thing I can do is pull it from the shelf and work on a new cream/mousse formula.

I'm hoping to get this ready and up for sale in time for the fall weather to kick in as long as I can get the recipe formulated and tested before then!

I'll keep you posted in the coming weeks!

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause any of you! I know some of you are die hard Body Mousse users so I'll try to come up with something as equally good, if not better!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Shane Wyatt Davis is here!

He's Here!!!!
Shane Wyatt Davis
Born: July 8th at 1:32pm
Weight: 8lbs 12 oz
Length: 20 inches

Meet our newest little peanut! He is simply perfect isn't he? :0) Ok so I'm bias! I can't help it! Shane was due to arrive on the 8th sometime past 6pm because the doctor was suppose to induce me. However, Shane seems to get his patience from me because I woke up Thursday morning at 3:30 am with what I thought were contractions but kept thinking that was impossible because that was not the predetermined plan! There was a plan you know! :)

So I did lots of things that morning trying to stop the contractions, lying down, drinking water, eating etc. Nothing was working. The contractions were 13 minutes apart so I wasn't really sure that it was labor anyway. Sometime around 6:30 I got a little sick in the bathroom and then my contractions went from 13 minutes apart to 7 minutes apart immediately! PANIC set in! I woke up my husband who woke up the kids and started getting everyone ready to go. I called my parents who had just gotten back from Florida the night before to come pick up the kids from the hospital (sorry if I made you panic Dad). I can't imagine what it's like to hear your daughter have a contraction on the phone! They made it there lightening fast which was great because my husband was pulling double duty trying to be with me and keep an eye on our other two in the "family room" across the hall from my room.

After that it was a piece of cake! We arrived at the hospital at 8:00am and he was born just 5 1/2 hours later! I did have to get an epidural though, I didn't know it would go so fast otherwise I might have just went natural - NOT! It was literally so painful that I was begging for the epidural! :0) Of course I got it and five minutes later my water broke and then 45 minutes later he was born!

He is a good baby and very content as long as his diaper is clean and his belly is full. We are getting a routine down and once that is established, I'll incorporate soap making into the mix. I can't wait until I can start up again! The last few weeks of my pregnancy I was too miserable to make stuff and now that he is here -it's just a matter of balancing time and work.

I am hoping to add some new products when I reopen as well - tinted Lip Butter are first, and Vegetable Based Deodorant is next. I'm still working on a replacement for my Body Mousse recipe. I have not been able to correct the issue I was having so I'm starting from scratch. I'm also going to work on a Cold Process Olive Oil based soap. Not a true castille soap (although that is in the future plan) but a soap with the main ingredient being Olive Oil.

I have not decided exactly when I will reopen, it is looking like it'll be at least the middle of August. I'll keep you updated in the next couple of weeks about this!

Thank you all so much for all the patience and understanding during my pregnancy! I really appreciate it!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

24 hours to go.......Am I ready?

Let's see...
Car Seat.........Check
Suitcase Packed..Check

Those are the essentials I need for the hospital and the first couple days right? So I should be ready then, except that I'm not! I was just telling my husband last night how nervous I am about having this baby and he likes to say one of two things, "Well it's a little late now" or "You really don't have a choice honey" which is true, there is only one way this little guy can get out and unforetunately for me - it's gonna hurt!

When my daughter was born, I swore I could have 7 kids if their pregnancies and labor were all like hers. When my son was born I told my husband I didn't want anymore kids cause the last 2 months were very painful and he weighed almost 9 lbs at birth (I'll spare you the details). But no matter what they felt like, I didn't *know* when they would arrive. I didn't have time to dwell on the painful thoughts of labor or worry about things that could happen!

With this baby, all I can do is worry and dwell on it and that is only because I know without a doubt that at 1:00pm tomorrow, I will enter the hospital and they will begin prepping me to be induced. I will sit there for 5 hours hooked up to an IV that will pump me full of antibiotics and then at approzimately 6:00pm they will somehow induce labor. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Ok - I feel better! LOL

Sometimes it just helps to get that off your chest right?! I know it'll all be fine and worrying or panicing won't do anyone an ounce of good but when else am I suppose to do? Mothers worry best don't we? I really just can't wait to meet him and to show him off to everyone!

While we did not plan for this to happen, I am so grateful that it has. I am looking forward to the firsts that will happen all over again with this little guy! I cannot wait!

So this is it, I have to clean up the house and prepare for the rest of my family to be without me for as many as 3 days plus pack and make sure we have everything we need. I will get a picture post up just as soon as I can once I get back from the hospital!

Wish me luck and thank you all for your support!


Our son Jack at 2 months old - now 6 years old.
Our daughter Rachel at 3 months old - now 8 years old.
They just grow up too fast...