Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Friday - WOW!!

Ok - so like many this year, I thought I would do some holiday shopping on Black Friday!  I figured that I would leave around 6am and just drive into town and go to a few stores to see what kind of deals I could get on gifts.  It was my very first time ever going out on Black Friday - what was I thinking????

First off, I thought I'd run to Menards to get a couple things they had on sale for hubby and my dad and I figured, it's Menards it won't be as busy as Wal-mart or Target right?  WRONG!!!  Not only did I have to park 3 stores away in a grassy knoll that was covered in ice, then wade through traffic and people trying to get to the store, I walked around for about 25 minutes only to learn that everything I had gone there for was sold out!  I'd never seen so many people in all my life - and I was at a Toby Keith concert this year! 

Carts and shopping baskets were full to the brim and what didn't fit was carefully pushed with their feet while they waited to checkout!  I was flooded with relief that I didn't buy anything when I saw the checkout line!  Approximately 20 checkout lanes all open with at least 20-30 people in each line!  I don't think people wait that long from the American Eagle ride at Great America!  So I walked out (more like ran, it was freezing out) and headed to Kohl's!

I was in shock when I got to Kohl's - it was practically empty (cause everyone was still at Menards) althought all the shopping carts were gone.  I wandered around until I found the toy sections which to my great suprise was well stocked and not very crowded!  I ended up finding quite a bit of things for the baby and my older son but had a hard time finding something for my daughter.  So I left.  BTW - Kohl's checkout system was amazing!  The "director of checkout" as I now call her, scouted out the best lane for you and I was checked out in about 10 minutes and I got $40 in Kohl's cash to spend this week! :0)

So anyway - I left and went to Target - where in the parking lot some horrible woman flicked me off and was screaming out her window at me because SHE didn't wait her turn at the 4 way stop!  Yeah Happy Holidays to you too lady!!  Anyway - into Target I go and let me tell you - I was a little disappointed!  If you weren't shopping for electronics, you really didn't have much to look forward too, in my opinion.  The shelves weren't clearly marked so I couldn't tell what was on sale and what was regular price.  I ended up getting a set of Legos for each of the kids and leaving. 

All in all it was a good day but boy oh boy was it insanely busy!  I was so tired by 11:00am I thought I wouldn't make it through the rest of the day!  I might try again next year but I will better prepare myself for it!  Read the ads, scout out the best deals and get there EARLY!! 

Friday, November 26, 2010


Beginning Friday November 26th at 5:00AM CST I will change all the prices in my shop to reflect the following sales:

20% OFF
Lip Butters
Bath Bombs
Bath Cubes

25% OFF
Exfoliating Souffle Soaps
Silky Smooth Body Lotions
Vegan Deodorants
Body Mists

30% OFF
Cold Process Soaps
Shaving Soap Bars

50% OFF
8oz Souffle Soaps
2oz Souffle Soaps

This sale will last through Midnight on Monday November 29th! Quantities will be limited and reservations can not be made. This will be a first come, first serve basis.

If you'd like more than 1 of any item in my shop, please contact me for info.

This sale will not apply to custom orders or wholesale orders.  Payment must be made within 24 hours of purchase - contact me with any questions!  Thanks!!!

Last day for US Shipping December 10th
Last Day for International Shipping December 3rd

Order by these dates to get your packages in time for the holidays!

Friday, November 19, 2010

What do you shave with???

Shaving soap is an amazing little soap that helps you obtain that silky smooth shave you've been looking for!  It has added wheat protein and glycerin to give you that little extra slip when shaving so you can get extra close and smooth! It is also vegan friendly and makes a great body soap as well as a shaving bar!

Current scents available are:  Creamy Orange Coconut, Pure Rain, Love Spell, Lavender, Oatmeal Milk & Honey, Neroli Lime, Cucumber Melon, and Almond.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Progress - It feels so good!!!

Well on my way to having all the Regular Rotation Soaps made! So far these soaps are ready to go Bar Naked, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Chocolate Bar, Creamy Orange Coconut, Eucalyptus & Spearmint, French Vanilla, Lavender, Lemongrass, Love Spell, Lumberjack, Mango Papaya, Misty Waters, Patchouli Pure Rain, Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, and Vanilla Spice.

And on the curing rack are Almond, Rhubarb al Fresco, Rosemary Mint, and Sandalwood. Oakmoss is also on the curing rack but is not part of the regular list yet! Might be in the future we'll just have to see how the response is!

Hopefully I'll get some more soap made this afternoon - not sure yet if it will be Cold Process Soap or Shaving Bars yet! I'll let you know later! :0)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Regular Rotation Fragrance List

Yippeeee! This is something I've been meaning to do for weeks. I use to have a list of fragrances that I kept in stock for all products at all times. It was called my "regular rotation list". I had strayed away from it for some time now but it's time to get back into some kind of groove so I'm starting here!

I figure if I list all the fragrances here, then I will have to make myself make the products and list them in the shop for all of you to enjoy! I'll be starting by making all the below fragrances in Cold Process Soaps next week (this weekend is very busy - craft show) and then work on scrubs, sprays, lotions, bombs, and deodorants.

HOWEVER, if you see a fragrance you want but I don't have the product ready yet, contact me either through ETSY or at ShopRachelRene@aol.com and let me know what it is. I can make it up for you as long as I have all the ingredients in stock!

Regular Rotation Fragrance List:
Aloha (Tropical Vacation)
Bar Naked (unscented products)
Black Raspberry Vanilla
Chocolate Bar
Creamy Orange Coconut
Cucumber Melon
Eucalyptus & Spearmint
French Vanilla
Green Tea & Cucumber
Lilacs in Bloom
Love Spell
Mango Papaya
Misty Waters
Oatmeal Milk & Honey
Pure Rain
Rhubarb Al Fresco
Rosemary Mint
Strawberry Rhubarb Pie
Sweet Grass
Vanilla Spice
White Ginger & Amber
Winter Grapefruit
All other fragrances listed in the shop will either be seasonal or limited edition fragrances. If you have any suggestions please let me know!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Back in stock this week!

I'm very pleased to annouce that finally I've got some (not all but some) Lip Butter Pots back in stock! The flavors currently in stock are Cucumber Melon, Pina Colada, Honey Bear, Oranges N Cream, Coconut, Root Beer, Latte, and Plain (unflavored). I'll add more as soon as I am able to make some more!

Also, after careful consideration and some amazing feedback from some very amazing customers, I've decided to bring back my original Bath Bombs! YAY! I've got some in stock now and I'll add more as I can HOWEVER, if you would like a certain fragrance, please feel free to e-mail/convo me or contact me somehow!
Currently available are White Ginger & Amber, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Aloha, Lemongrass, Vanilla Spice, and Rosemary Mint.

All products listed above will be for sale in my shop later this evening.

EDITED TO ADD: I'm currently having some internet difficulty - most of the Bath Bombs are listed now, but I can't get the Lip Butter Pots up just yet - I'm having some technical difficulties! I will keep working on it and keep you updated! :0/ My apologies!