Monday, November 1, 2010

Back in stock this week!

I'm very pleased to annouce that finally I've got some (not all but some) Lip Butter Pots back in stock! The flavors currently in stock are Cucumber Melon, Pina Colada, Honey Bear, Oranges N Cream, Coconut, Root Beer, Latte, and Plain (unflavored). I'll add more as soon as I am able to make some more!

Also, after careful consideration and some amazing feedback from some very amazing customers, I've decided to bring back my original Bath Bombs! YAY! I've got some in stock now and I'll add more as I can HOWEVER, if you would like a certain fragrance, please feel free to e-mail/convo me or contact me somehow!
Currently available are White Ginger & Amber, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Aloha, Lemongrass, Vanilla Spice, and Rosemary Mint.

All products listed above will be for sale in my shop later this evening.

EDITED TO ADD: I'm currently having some internet difficulty - most of the Bath Bombs are listed now, but I can't get the Lip Butter Pots up just yet - I'm having some technical difficulties! I will keep working on it and keep you updated! :0/ My apologies!

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