Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Caution - Falling Prices!!!

So over the past few weeks, I've been trying to decide what is the best way to drive business to my website.  I know that the best way to get people to my site is to offer low prices.  Let's face it, handmade bath and body is a luxury and can be quite costly.  In today's economy when families are making choices between paying for school supplies, gas and groceries rather than going out to a restaurant, taking a vacation or even going to the movies, my product is not on the top of the priority list.  I completely understand this because I am living it and so are many of my friends and family members. 

So after sitting down and thinking really hard about what I want my business to do in the future, I've decided that it is important to me to not only offer luxurious bath and body products but to make they affordable so that people like me who don't have a lot of extra cash laying around, can pamper themselves without breaking the bank. 

So I have lowered all the prices on my website.  I will also be lowering all the prices in my Etsy shop but they will still be slightly higher than on the website due to listing and selling fees which cut into my profits each time I list and sell an item.  That is a discussion for a later date as I get a little wordy when explaining my formulas!

And until the end of August only, you can take an additional 20% off everything on the website!  Just visit

for details and the coupon code!  So, if you are interested in in getting some amazing bath and body products at reasonable prices - please stop by and check us out!  We would surely appreciate your business!

Just for a little peek - here's the new price list for the website:

Cold Process Soap and Shaving Soap Bars $4.50 - $4.75
Body Mousse $7.00 4oz jar
Bath Bombs single $2.00 - 4 pack $7.50 - 6 pack $11.00 (Coming Soon)
Lip Butters Tubes $2.75 Pots $3.00
Body Mists $5.50 2oz spray bottle

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

Your's Truly -

I will be changing the Etsy shop prices shortly as this process takes much more time but it will be complete by the end of the week!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Want to save 20%??? Then keep reading.... is now OPEN!

And you can save 20% off your first order by entering coupon code "NOWOPEN" in the voucher code during checkout!


I've working really hard on getting the site up and running for the past 6 weeks!  Finally it is all ready!  If you have any questions or problems with the site, please contact me at

**Discount not valid on shipping charges or non-retail orders and ONLY valid at