Monday, December 28, 2009

Some baby news!

I went to the doctor finally and I'll spare you the icky details but everything is fine and I am really truly pregnant! :0)

I've added a pregnancy ticker to this site so you can all see how far along I am. I'm excited now and can't wait to go to the doctor for the first ultrasound - which won't be for a while yet but it's something right?

I pulled out all my old maternity clothes, and who knew that maternity clothes go out of style! That or I totally lost my fashion sense when I was pregnant with my first two kids! Where were my fashion friends then huh?

Oh well maybe I'll go shopping or something soon!

On another note, my Etsy shop and website will be open on however I will be unavailable on Dec. 31st - Jan. 1st due to the holidays. I will answer all questions and process orders on the 2nd. Thanks so much!

Monday, November 16, 2009

It's been a while and a SURPRISE!

Ok so I know it's been a little over a month since my last blog post and that has just been due to so many little things interfering with remembering what I want to blog about!! :0)

Mostly it's because I've had a job and been really tired for the last few weeks! Well, on Thursday I went home from work a little early because I wasn't feeling very well. Then Friday I found out why! SURPRISE I'm pregnant! Before you ask, no we were not planning it, yes we know how to prevent it, yes we tried, but nothing is 100% effective right?! My Daughter is almost 8 and my son (the youngest) is 5 and in kindergarten, we thought we were done! WE WERE WRONG!

Baby #3 will be here sometime in July I think but will know for sure when I go to the doctor. Don't worry - I will not stop making luxurious bath & body products! I will take some time off once the baby gets here, just the normal 4-6 weeks. But that will be scheduled at a later date.

I'll post all the baby news here and anything else that pops up!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lip Butter Pots are coming VERY soon!

These little adorable .25oz glass jars are full of my wonderful Lip Butter recipe and will be available in all my current flavors!

They'll be up in my Etsy shop later tonight, and on my website

Check them out!

Monday, September 28, 2009

September Newsletter sent!

Just sent out the September issue of my newsletter - if you did not receive a copy, sign up on the right side of the blog and I'll send you a copy!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ditch digging update!

We are almost done! Last weekend when us "women folk" were canning applesauce, my dad, 2 uncles, brother and husband all were digging the ditch!

Actually my cousin was helping to and she dug for like 6 hours straight! Bless her little heart!! THANK YOU AMY!!!!

And a big giant humungus THANK YOU to my Dad (your tuckpointing is beautiful), Uncle Ron (hope your knees are feeling better), Uncle Eddie (hope your everything is feeling better :0), and little brother Jake (you'll be back!) for coming out and helping! We are so much further than we would have been without you guys!!!!!!!

Here's a few pics of how it looks so far!! I can't wait until this HUGE project is done!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

OMG - Applesauce!

It's fall, or at least my apple trees say it is! This past weekend, my mom, grandma, aunt, cousin all came out and we picked a gazillion apples and made 28 quart jars of homemade applesauce!

It's amazing! It's perfectly sweetened and with a tiny hint of tartness to make your mouth water! We had a blast making it as it only took about 7 hours! :0)

I can't wait to make pork chops!!

On Sunday, I make another 6 quarts of applesauce and added cinnamon to it and it's tastes like apples pie filling!

Now all I have to do is can my tomatoes! That'll be a later post!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

8 Years of Wedded Bliss! (at least most of it)

Today is our 8 year Wedding Anniversary! I just wanted to say that I think my husband is extremely special. It takes a certain kind of man to stay married to me for this long - let me tell ya!

Through all my crazy quirkiness, you seem to understand what I'm saying and thinking even when I don't. You've stood by me through everything and you've given me the 2 greatest gifts in the world, a daughter and a son.

Our life is never perfect, but it's all ours and we always get through everything, together. There isn't anyone else in the world that I would rather live with, laugh with or love than you!

Here's to another 8 years and more - I Love You ♥


Monday, September 21, 2009

The Chicken Run is DONE!

I've been meaning to take pictures of it forever but always forgot to buy batteries for my camera but finally I have them, and got to take pictures this past weekend!!

We put an 18 inch tall white fence around the entire bottom of the chicken run and I'm happy to say that it has done the trick of keeping MOST of the chickens in the pen! There are 2-3 that get out every day but at least it's not all of them!

That is one project down = only about 100 more to go! LOL


Monday, September 14, 2009

Shop opening news!

I know some of you are anxiously awaiting the re-opening of my etsy shop and I'm so sorry it's taking so long but we are almost there! I've decided that my shop will re-open on Thursday October 1st!!!

I'll be sending out a special newsletter later in the week so if you're not signed up yet, go over to the right of this blog and fill out the info!!

I'm also pleased to announce that I'm working on developing a website!!! This is so exciting! You'll be able to purchase from both the Etsy shop and my website and I will combine shipping too!!! The website will carry different products than the Etsy shop so I thought offering combined shipping seemed like the best thing to do!

I'm hoping to have the website up and running before I re-open the Etsy shop in October. In case you want to keep an eye on it, the website is (it currently redirects to my Etsy shop but once I get to working on it, it'll point to the website).

Thanks so much!

More news later!! :0)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

If it weren't for bad luck - I'd have no luck!

Have you ever heard that saying before? One of my best friends says it all the time when he's having a really bad day, week or month for that matter. I always try to point out the positive things to him and tell him it could be worse - however when you're on the other side you can't always see the positive!

On Monday I started a new part-time job working in the kitchen of one of the local elementary schools. So far I like the job, the people are great and everything is going very well. I left work yesterday at 1:00 and got about 2 miles away when my truck gave a huge lurch and then started clanking, I pulled over and pressed the brakes only to find out they weren't working very well. Finally coasted to a stop and found that my rear brake rotor had apparently rusted through and broke off. Brake fluid is leaking everywhere and I can't get a hold of anyone except my husband who works 2 hours away.

So there I sat on the side of the road playing Suduko on my cell phone for 2 hours waiting for him and all I could think about was, what do I tell my boss when I can't come in tomorrow because I have no car!!! I was so upset!

Finally Larry pulls in and he drives the truck home and I take his car, he had to use the emergency brake the whole way home. He spends the next 5 hours taking off the old rotor, going to the store to get the new one, installing the new rotor and replacing the brake pads. What a miserable time for him!

SO, all is well right? NOT! The truck is fine however the other rotor is looking pretty rusted too, that will be replaced this weekend after payday. This morning I woke up got the kids off to school turned around and my cow is standing in a field on the other side of our electric fence. I'm all alone, unless you count my non cow herding dogs. So to make my life easier, I take apart the electric fence and coax the cow back in using her feed. That only took an hour!

The problem I am having is that ever since I started my new job - I haven't made any soap or anything! I am in desperate need to make new products because I'd like to open in mid-September! So this weekend, I am going to hide in my soap room and avoid everything that will take my mind off making things!

I've got some awesome new fall scents I want to get ready and of course I'll need to take photos!

So what about you? Do you seem to have bad luck or good luck?

Off to work soon - see you all later!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I will miss you :0(

When my husbands car stopped at the end of the drive way yesterday morning I thought nothing until he turned it off and got out. I looked out the window and my heart sank, the tears came like a flood and anguish spread through me like wildfire. My beloved cat had been hit by a car.

Her name was AJ and she was a truly special pet to me. First of all she was a badass cat! She was scared of nothing, when I would train the horses, she would lay in the middle of the round pen while I was lunging them in circles and they would have to go around her - she would not move. She liked to hunt, all cats do, but she liked to hunt rabbits and other large prey. She never bit the kids, she did nip me when the litter box was dirty, her food bowl was empty or when she wanted to be let outside.

Now she is gone and we are all very sad. We wrapped her in white satin and buried her in front of my favorite flower garden. My children were very upset but they got better after a couple hours. I on the other hand woke up thinking it was all a bad dream, then I remembered.

AJ, I will miss you so much! You were the best cat I've ever owned but you were also a very special friend to me! I love you and I'll never forget you..... ♥ goodbye

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Project #1 - Chicken Run

All year long I've been trying to dress up my flower gardens as well as my veggie garden. I've weeded regularly, added Hostas around the edges of the flower gardens and taken silage from one of the old silos and spread a 4 inch layer on each garden to prevent the weeds from getting out of control.

The silage has done a beautiful job keeping the weeds to a minimum, however, the chickens seem to think I've made them new beds/buffets!!!

They have shredded my Hostas from scratching the area around them looking for bugs, thrown the silage every which way but back where it came from, and they have ruined several of my other flowers from scratching, and pecking!

So long story short, I told my husband (Larry) that I wanted to make a pen for them so they couldn't get out and he thought that was a great idea! I drew up plans of how I wanted everything and he agreed. Then I went to the store, DON'T LEAVE YOUR HUSBAND ALONE WHEN YOU ARE BUILDING SOMETHING!!!!!

I got home from the store, and Larry had written up new plans that included room for the dogs, consisted of 8 strands of electric wire instead of chicken wire and still used the old coop instead of the new small one I wanted to build. I wasn't thrilled about it but as long as it kept the chickens out of my gardens who the heck cares what it looks like, right?

Even longer story shorter, we spent this past Saturday & Sunday in the 95+ degree heat building fence and stringing wire. Oh the joy!! Check it out!!!

South West corner looking North

Northwest corner looking South at the existing chicken coop - the yellow brick building behind the trees - not the falling down barn in the back.

Northeast corner looking South

Southeast corner looking West

Southeast corner looking Northwest

We dug 16 posts, nailed in 125 wire insulators, strung a little less than 1 mile of electric wire, fixed gates, and re-arrange the inside of the coop and this is what happens:

They all go right under the wire, some get a small shock but they still go right through, others don't get a shock at all, some get shocked 3 or 4 times before they go to a different area and get through without a shock. It sounds cruel but I assure you it's a very tiny zap! Something like a 9 volt battery on the tongue.

Now we have to figure out what to do to make them stay in their pens!!!

I'll let you know what we come up with!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oakmoss & Lavender Basil Fragrance Poll Results

I'm thrilled that the voting for these two fragrances went over so well! I will be adding both of these fragrances to my regular soap stock and will also add them to some of the body products offered in my shop when I re-open in the fall!

I love fragrance suggestions too so if you'd like me to carry something, drop me a convo or an e-mail and let me know! If it's a scent that I can get, I'll test it out and if it's passes, we'll add it! I can also do custom items!

I think the next voting round will be Water Ivy and Honey Almond - looking forward to getting your thoughts on these two!

I'll be closing my shop on August 2nd and will re-open between September 8th and October 1st.

Come back and see what's going on! I'll be posting pics of our "projects" this week! :0)

Thanks everyone -

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Grab them before they are gone!

I created a section in my shop dedicated solely to products of which I only have one remaining. This way you will know exactly what is gonna be gone once it sells!

Click Here to see the ONLY ONE LEFT section

I've also added a list in my profile page of products that have already sold out and will not be back until I reopen in October.

You can view that list by clicking HERE or looking at my profile on Etsy.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!!!


Thursday, July 9, 2009


In an effort to reduce inventory before I close my shop in August (see post below) I've reduced everything in my shop to 30-50% OFF!

Look at these savings!

Shaving Bars, Glycerin, Olive Oil, and Cold Process Soaps were $4.50-$5.50 each now only $3.15-$3.85 each

Body Mousse was $6.00-$8.50 now it's $4.20-$5.95

Lotion Bars were $4.00 each now only $2.80 each

Lip Butters originally $3.00 each are now only $1.50 each

Souffle Soaps (Whipped Soap in a Jar) was $4.00-$10.00 now $2.80-$7.00

4 packs of Bath Bombs were $7.00 each now only $4.90 each

I'm also offering Unlimited Flat Rate Shipping on just about everything in my shop! And, if you don't qualify for the Flat Rate option, I will refund any shipping charges over $1.00 of the actual shipping!!

This sale will run through the 1st of August or until all remaining inventory is sold.

If you would like multiples of any of the products in my shop please contact me and if I have them in stock I will reserve them for you! But please note that I have a very limited inventory!

Please sign up for the mailing list on the right hand side of the blog to keep up to date with all the goings on here at Rachel Rene Bath & Body!

Thank you so much!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Don't Panic :0) For those of you that do not know, I not only make soap but my husband and I manage a small farm. The next few months we will be taking on quite a few new things. We'll be adding milk cows to our residence (look for Cold Process Milk Soaps this fall), some additional chickens, possibly a pig (great for clearing out and tilling the gardens) and there are several large projects that we are trying to finish before winter sets in.

With all that is taking place here at home, I've decided that I will need to close my shop for at least the next few months. The shop will be closing no later than August 16th. If I run out of in stock items before then, I will close it sooner. I hope to re-open sometime in October but can't give an exact date yet, but I will keep you posted!

I will still be checking e-mail and convos at least once a day and if you find yourself out of something while my shop is closed, please contact me and I'll see if I can get it for you.

I will put my shop on vacation mode when I close my shop and if you visit while I'm closed, you can check the box in my shop announcement that will send you an e-mail to let you know when I re-open. I will also of course send an e-mail to all of you when I re-open as well.

You can always check here or follow me on Twitter to see what I'm up to for the next few months as well!

Be sure to stock up on your favorites now. I'm not sure what I'll have when I close the shop in August but I do promise to have to new and exciting scents when I re-open in October!!

Thank you so much and please let me know if you need anything at all!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Scent Polls are open!

In the June edition of my newsletter my readers know that I would be asking for my customers opinions on certain fragrances in my shop.

The first 2 fragrances that I'm looking for feedback on are Oakmoss and Lavender Basil.

Oakmoss is a clean and fresh scent that is not sweet or musky. It is definitely one for guys and gals alike!

Lavender Basil is a light floral scent with mild tones of basil which gives the lavender a nicely rounded herbal scent.

I've been sending samples of both to everyone who has placed an order since around the 7th of June. I've just made a fresh batch of samples to be sent out with future orders this month. Once these run out I'll leave voting open through the 17th of July.

I'll start sending samples of 2 other fragrances when I am out of the Oakmoss and Lavender Basil samples and open voting on the new scents and post another blog regarding that when the time comes.

If you receive samples of the Lavender Basil and Oakmoss - please let me know what you think by voting on the right hand side of this blog! I value all of your opinions and would love to hear what you think of these scents! If you'd rather leave me a message via the Etsy Conversation feature or my e-mail that would be fine with me as well!

I look forward to hearing from you and thanks so much for taking the time to let me know what you think!

Rachel Rene Bath & Body

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Inventory Reduction Sale and Yart Sale!

Beginning tomorrow 6-8-09 everything in my shop will be marked down as low as 30% or more! I'm having an Inventory Reduction through the 10th and then continuing it during Etsy's annual YART SALE from the 10th through the 14th!

Quantities are limited and only what is in stock is listed. These sales cannot be combined with any other offers or used on custom or reserved listings.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

I will combine shipping on all products offered and refund any shipping charges over $1 of the actual shipping cost via Paypal!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

June Newsletter Sent

Hi All! Just wanted to drop you a small note to let you know that the June Edition of our newsletter is being sent as I type this!

It's full of awesome info this month! Be sure to check it out!

If you haven't signed up to get our newsletter, you can do so by filling out the info on the right hand side of this blog! You will have to confirm the information through e-mail before the list will add you! And once you're added, I'll send you this months copy of the newsletter via e-mail!

We never, ever, ever, sell or share your information with anyone and we never ever will!!! :0)

Thanks so much everyone!!!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend SALE

Take 20% OFF everything in my shop (excludes Clearance items) by typing "Memorial" in the notes to seller during check out now through May 25th!!

I can send a revised invoice or a refund if payment is made through Paypal! Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

CLEARANCE Section Added to Shop!

I've added a clearance section to my shop recently! It currently has products that I will be discontinuing indefinitely or retiring for the season! The products have been reduced up to 50% so take advantage of the savings!

Over the next few weeks I will be analyzing my sales and determining which scents should be kept and which should be removed. I've noticed that with my last fragrance oil purchase I bought several oils that were very similar to scents I already carry in my shop!

Prices for clearance items are as follows:

Soaps $3.00
Shaving Soap Bars $2.50
Bath Bombs 4 Pack $4.00
Lotion Bars $2.00
2oz Body Mousse $4.00
4oz Body Mousse $6.00

As always if you have any questions, feel free to contact me with any questions!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

FLAT RATE SHIPPING now available!

I've added a new section to my shop called "FLAT RATE SHIPPING"!

This section will contain all items that can be shipped together for one low shipping price. You can choose as many items from this section as you'd like and will not be charged any additional per item shipping charges.

I'll still offer items in the appropriate sections in my shop for those that only want to order 1 or 2 items or for those items like Bath Bombs and 8 oz Souffle Soaps that don't qualify for Flat Rate shipping. These items will still have the current shipping prices in each listing.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

5/9/09 SNS - Saturday Night Special!

SNS – Saturday Night Special

Receive a Free 2oz Jar of SoufflĂ© Soap with your purchase of $25 or more! Choose the scent from this list below and add it to the “Notes to Seller” box during checkout!

Black Raspberry Vanilla
Creamy Orange Coconut
Cucumber Wasabi
Mango Papaya
Neroli Lime
Oatmeal, Milk & Honey
Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Limit one per customer, while supplies last. $25 minimum purchase must be after any discounts/promo codes are applied and cannot include the shipping charges.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Souffle Soaps arrive tomorrow May 1st!

They'll be added to my shop through the day on Friday May 1st and if you're on the mailing list don't forget the special code to get 10% off all Souffle's!

If you're not on the mailing list, sign up and I'll send you the code!

Click here to see them all!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

30% OFF in my shop through Sunday 4-26-09

Unfortunately due to the expected rain from now through Tuesday - I had to cancel my craft show that was set for tomorrow at Woodhaven Lakes - bath bombs and soaps do not like to get wet before they are sold!!

So I thought I would have a BIG sale instead!! I made a lot of stuff to bring to the show and would love to sell some of it this weekend so be sure to check out my shop and pick up your favorites!!!

See my shop announcement for full details of the sale - click here to go to my shop!

Be sure to grab up your favorites quick! I will only be relisting what I actually have made and in stock!!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

EGCG Team Swag Bags go on sale soon!!

Hi everyone! In case you did not know, I'm a member of the Etsy Green and Clean Guild street team. EGCG Team for short. Our team has put together these amazing Swag Bags filled with various bath and body products from some of our wonderful team members!

The Swag Bags go on sale in our team Etsy shop tomorrow (April 15th) and are a great way to try products from different members or they make a wonderful gift to Mom for Mother's Day!

Check out the EGCG Blog for more information on what's in the bags and then be sure to swing by our shop and pick up your very own EGCG Swag Bag!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Calendar Added to my Blog!

Check out the bottom of my blog for my calendar! This will be an easier way of finding out when new Soaps, Body Mousse, Lip Butters, Bath Bombs and more will be added to my shop.

It will also be a way for local customers to find out which craft shows I'll be doing this season. I'll be updating this calendar daily if needed to keep you informed of what's going on in my shop!

If you have any questions, please feel free to convo me through Etsy or e-mail me directly at and don't forget to sign up for my Monthly Newsletter on the right hand side of my blog!

Have a wonderful day everyone!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Newly Added Items!

Just listed yesterday some brand new items!!

Oatmeal Milk & Honey Body Mousse

Patchouli Body Mousse

Almond Shaving Soap Bar

Winter Grapefruit Shaving Soap Bar

Patchouli Cold Process Handmade Soap - the first of many to be added back into my shop!

Check them out and more at my shop

Thanks as always!!!


Monday, March 2, 2009

New Lip Butters are in stock NOW!

There here and ready for you! Newly listed last night, and selling quickly!!

Check them out

Saturday, February 28, 2009

SNS Tonight Feb 28th 2009

SNS - Saturday Night Special

Get 20% Off on all Soaps, Bath Bombs, Lip Butters, Lotion Bars and more!

*sale excludes subscriptions*

Prices have already been marked down so there is no need to wait for a revised invoice or a refund!

Sale ends Sunday Morning 3/1/09

Thursday, February 26, 2009

4 oz Jars of Body Mousse are now available!

Check them out here!!!

Now available - 4 oz. Jars of Body Mousse for $7.50 each.

These attractive oval shaped jars hold 4 full ounces of my fabulous Body Mousse. So if you thought the 2 oz. jars were not enough but the 16 oz. jars were way too much this is the perfect size for you!

2 oz. jars are still available and 16 oz. jars are available on request just send me an e-mail/convo.

Also, if you would like a Body Mousse (or any products) in a scent that I carry in my shop but not in that particular product, please feel free to convo or e-mail me and I will create a reserved custom listing for you.

The only scents that I cannot create are Limited Edition scented products because I will not have these scents on hand.



Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Lip Butter Scents arriving March 1st!

In addition to the 14 types of flavors I currently offer in my shop, I've decided to add another 7 flavors for all you Lip Butter lovers out there!

Beginning the week of March 1st, I will be adding the following types of Lip Butters to my shop so keep your eyes out for them!

Black Cherry
Chocolate Cake
Honey Bear
Oranges N Cream
Pina Colada
and Strawberry Banana

Be sure to stop by and pick up a few of these wonderful scents when you get the chance!!!! And if you think there is a flavor that I should have because it is so awesome and everyone you know loves it, feel free to contact me and tell me what it is! I'll see what I can do about adding it to my collection!!



Friday, February 20, 2009

New Soaps Added to shop!!!

Every week I try to add new soaps to my shop. I even decided to put a paragraph in my shop announcement that highlights what new soaps and products will be listed that week. This week was no exception. I've added the following new scents to my shop!

This is Strawberry Champagne Olive Oil Soap, which is a sweet and bubbly scent that is really really good!

This is Raspberry Almond Olive Oil Soap, a warm and buttery almond scent blended perfectly with a sweet and slightly tart Raspberry scent.
This is Apple Buttercream! This is a really rich and warm Buttercream scent that is rounded out nicely with fresh and crisp red and green apples!

This is Pearberry Olive Oil Soap which is a very sweet fruity mix of pears and ripe berries!

This is Creme Brulee Sugar Soap which is a very rich and decadent dessert scent that is warm, buttery, rich, creamy, and just plain great!!

And last but not least Black Cherry Shaving Soap Bars - this is extremely good! It is so sweet and rich. Smells exactly like Black Cherries and I just love it!!

New Cold Process Soaps coming in March

Hello again everyone!

I just wanted to let all of my wonderful customers know that I will be creating some more Cold Process soaps next week and they should be ready to list in my shop in late March.

I will continue to make the Glycerin (melt and pour) soaps as well as Olive Oil Soaps and Shaving Soap Bars too so no worries there.

Also, I had mentioned that I will be stopping production of Body Mousse in February but have decided to offer both Body Mousse and Lotion Bars all year long. If the summer months prove to be more than either product can handle during shipment, I may need to stop production at that time and send an e-mail and blog regarding this info, but I am confident that they will hold up well.

As always, if you have any questions or need anything at all, please feel free to contact either at or convo me through Etsy.

Thanks a bunch!!!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thank heavens January is behind us!

Ok, seriously January was an absolute disastrous month for me! Everything that could go wrong and cost a fortune did go wrong and did cost a fortune! Here's a recap:

Our water well broke - $600.00 (OH NO)
Cat to the vet for urinary block - $300.00 (are you serious?)
Daughter asthma attack & meds - $200.00 (and that's with insurance)

Not to mention all the daily things that just never seem to work out as planned!

HOWEVER, because I am an optimist I will also point out all the good things that happened in January:

I got a new wholesale client (Yay me!)
Sales for the month were double what my goal was! (another Yay Me!)
My daughters asthma attack was quickly handled by our doctor and she was fine within a week! (Yay Doctor!)
My Cat seems to have made a full recovery and is now back to being obnoxiously normal. (YAY Vet!)
Our well service people came out the next day and fixed it that day and are allowing us to make payments! (YAY Well GUYS!)

See, when you put things in retrospect, they could have been much worse! So, I guess, January was "rough" but not as bad as it seemed now that we're in February!

But that doesn't mean I can't hope that February goes by without any problems, right?


Monday, January 26, 2009

Do you dance in your workshop?

I do all the time! Oh and I sing along too! I find it very therapeutic and sometimes inspirational! I do tend to make a mess sometimes though! If a really good, slammin' song comes on (like anything by Pink) I can't stop myself and get all caught up in acting like a total dork and spill something or drop something but it sure does get the blood flowing!

So I'm encouraging you all to take a little time today and do some dancing! Tap your toes, shake your booty, throw your hands in the air and wave them like you just don't care, just shake something in as much of a rhythmic way as you can (some of us have no rhythm and that's ok) it'll make you feel better! I promise - well I hope anyway!

That's all for now!!! Have a wonderful day everyone!


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Night Special - SNS

It's been nearly a month since I held and SNS sale in my shop but here we go again!

January 24th through approx. 7:00AM (CST) January 25th get 20% OFF everything in my shop!

All prices have been reduced already so there is no need to wait for a revised invoice or a Paypal refund. And no code to enter in the notes to seller!

And, if you are a Mailing List Member make sure you check out the January Newsletter so you'll know how to get an extra 5% OFF!

If you're not already a member sign up and I'll send you a copy of the newsletter so you can take advantage of the extra 5% OFF too!!