Thursday, August 27, 2009

If it weren't for bad luck - I'd have no luck!

Have you ever heard that saying before? One of my best friends says it all the time when he's having a really bad day, week or month for that matter. I always try to point out the positive things to him and tell him it could be worse - however when you're on the other side you can't always see the positive!

On Monday I started a new part-time job working in the kitchen of one of the local elementary schools. So far I like the job, the people are great and everything is going very well. I left work yesterday at 1:00 and got about 2 miles away when my truck gave a huge lurch and then started clanking, I pulled over and pressed the brakes only to find out they weren't working very well. Finally coasted to a stop and found that my rear brake rotor had apparently rusted through and broke off. Brake fluid is leaking everywhere and I can't get a hold of anyone except my husband who works 2 hours away.

So there I sat on the side of the road playing Suduko on my cell phone for 2 hours waiting for him and all I could think about was, what do I tell my boss when I can't come in tomorrow because I have no car!!! I was so upset!

Finally Larry pulls in and he drives the truck home and I take his car, he had to use the emergency brake the whole way home. He spends the next 5 hours taking off the old rotor, going to the store to get the new one, installing the new rotor and replacing the brake pads. What a miserable time for him!

SO, all is well right? NOT! The truck is fine however the other rotor is looking pretty rusted too, that will be replaced this weekend after payday. This morning I woke up got the kids off to school turned around and my cow is standing in a field on the other side of our electric fence. I'm all alone, unless you count my non cow herding dogs. So to make my life easier, I take apart the electric fence and coax the cow back in using her feed. That only took an hour!

The problem I am having is that ever since I started my new job - I haven't made any soap or anything! I am in desperate need to make new products because I'd like to open in mid-September! So this weekend, I am going to hide in my soap room and avoid everything that will take my mind off making things!

I've got some awesome new fall scents I want to get ready and of course I'll need to take photos!

So what about you? Do you seem to have bad luck or good luck?

Off to work soon - see you all later!!


andiknit said...

What an awful time of it you've been having. Hope things start looking up!

Cynjon said...

Get thee to the soap-making space, there are some folks aaiting new goodness!

Hopefully this finds you in a better place today.

Christine said...

Thank you andiknit!! Things are definitely looking up!

Cynjon you are so great!!! I'm working on it - I'll be back in action soon! I promise!!!!!

TeeTee Lynn said...

Glad to hear things are looking up! I definitely go through phases of extremely bad luck. I hope things continue to get better!