Friday, February 20, 2009

New Soaps Added to shop!!!

Every week I try to add new soaps to my shop. I even decided to put a paragraph in my shop announcement that highlights what new soaps and products will be listed that week. This week was no exception. I've added the following new scents to my shop!

This is Strawberry Champagne Olive Oil Soap, which is a sweet and bubbly scent that is really really good!

This is Raspberry Almond Olive Oil Soap, a warm and buttery almond scent blended perfectly with a sweet and slightly tart Raspberry scent.
This is Apple Buttercream! This is a really rich and warm Buttercream scent that is rounded out nicely with fresh and crisp red and green apples!

This is Pearberry Olive Oil Soap which is a very sweet fruity mix of pears and ripe berries!

This is Creme Brulee Sugar Soap which is a very rich and decadent dessert scent that is warm, buttery, rich, creamy, and just plain great!!

And last but not least Black Cherry Shaving Soap Bars - this is extremely good! It is so sweet and rich. Smells exactly like Black Cherries and I just love it!!

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