Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thank heavens January is behind us!

Ok, seriously January was an absolute disastrous month for me! Everything that could go wrong and cost a fortune did go wrong and did cost a fortune! Here's a recap:

Our water well broke - $600.00 (OH NO)
Cat to the vet for urinary block - $300.00 (are you serious?)
Daughter asthma attack & meds - $200.00 (and that's with insurance)

Not to mention all the daily things that just never seem to work out as planned!

HOWEVER, because I am an optimist I will also point out all the good things that happened in January:

I got a new wholesale client (Yay me!)
Sales for the month were double what my goal was! (another Yay Me!)
My daughters asthma attack was quickly handled by our doctor and she was fine within a week! (Yay Doctor!)
My Cat seems to have made a full recovery and is now back to being obnoxiously normal. (YAY Vet!)
Our well service people came out the next day and fixed it that day and are allowing us to make payments! (YAY Well GUYS!)

See, when you put things in retrospect, they could have been much worse! So, I guess, January was "rough" but not as bad as it seemed now that we're in February!

But that doesn't mean I can't hope that February goes by without any problems, right?


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Reese said...

Well here's one good thing. You won the contest on my blog!