Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oakmoss & Lavender Basil Fragrance Poll Results

I'm thrilled that the voting for these two fragrances went over so well! I will be adding both of these fragrances to my regular soap stock and will also add them to some of the body products offered in my shop when I re-open in the fall!

I love fragrance suggestions too so if you'd like me to carry something, drop me a convo or an e-mail and let me know! If it's a scent that I can get, I'll test it out and if it's passes, we'll add it! I can also do custom items!

I think the next voting round will be Water Ivy and Honey Almond - looking forward to getting your thoughts on these two!

I'll be closing my shop on August 2nd and will re-open between September 8th and October 1st.

Come back and see what's going on! I'll be posting pics of our "projects" this week! :0)

Thanks everyone -

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Pili said...

Water Ivy sounds like a scent I'd love to try!