Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Friday - WOW!!

Ok - so like many this year, I thought I would do some holiday shopping on Black Friday!  I figured that I would leave around 6am and just drive into town and go to a few stores to see what kind of deals I could get on gifts.  It was my very first time ever going out on Black Friday - what was I thinking????

First off, I thought I'd run to Menards to get a couple things they had on sale for hubby and my dad and I figured, it's Menards it won't be as busy as Wal-mart or Target right?  WRONG!!!  Not only did I have to park 3 stores away in a grassy knoll that was covered in ice, then wade through traffic and people trying to get to the store, I walked around for about 25 minutes only to learn that everything I had gone there for was sold out!  I'd never seen so many people in all my life - and I was at a Toby Keith concert this year! 

Carts and shopping baskets were full to the brim and what didn't fit was carefully pushed with their feet while they waited to checkout!  I was flooded with relief that I didn't buy anything when I saw the checkout line!  Approximately 20 checkout lanes all open with at least 20-30 people in each line!  I don't think people wait that long from the American Eagle ride at Great America!  So I walked out (more like ran, it was freezing out) and headed to Kohl's!

I was in shock when I got to Kohl's - it was practically empty (cause everyone was still at Menards) althought all the shopping carts were gone.  I wandered around until I found the toy sections which to my great suprise was well stocked and not very crowded!  I ended up finding quite a bit of things for the baby and my older son but had a hard time finding something for my daughter.  So I left.  BTW - Kohl's checkout system was amazing!  The "director of checkout" as I now call her, scouted out the best lane for you and I was checked out in about 10 minutes and I got $40 in Kohl's cash to spend this week! :0)

So anyway - I left and went to Target - where in the parking lot some horrible woman flicked me off and was screaming out her window at me because SHE didn't wait her turn at the 4 way stop!  Yeah Happy Holidays to you too lady!!  Anyway - into Target I go and let me tell you - I was a little disappointed!  If you weren't shopping for electronics, you really didn't have much to look forward too, in my opinion.  The shelves weren't clearly marked so I couldn't tell what was on sale and what was regular price.  I ended up getting a set of Legos for each of the kids and leaving. 

All in all it was a good day but boy oh boy was it insanely busy!  I was so tired by 11:00am I thought I wouldn't make it through the rest of the day!  I might try again next year but I will better prepare myself for it!  Read the ads, scout out the best deals and get there EARLY!! 


TeeTee Lynn said...

Kohl's was almost empty? Amazing. :)

Rachel Rene said...

I know isn't that insane!! Literally I was in and out with a trunkful of stuff in 40 minutes!