Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Chocolate Milk anyone?!

The newest addition to my soap line is Goat's Milk soap! And what better way to start a line then with Chocolate Milk soap? My daughters favorite drink - she does not like regular milk so this soap was inspired by her!

Both layers of the soap are made with a Goat's Milk soap base that contains REAL liquid goat's milk as apposed to powdered or condensed milk! The Chocolate fragrance is in the bottom layer and the top white layer is left uncolored and unscented just to give the bar a little variety! Also this fragrance tends to discolor the soap to a brownish so I had to leave it unscented in order for it to stay white.

The lather of this soap base is so incredible! It's frothy and rich and just seems to never stop leaving your skin clean and oh so yummy!

More milk soaps coming soon which will include a "White Milk" soap - because my son hates Chocolate Milk and will only drink white milk - which is what he calls it. Also, an Oatmeal Milk soap with ground Oatmeal in it, and a couple others I'll keep secret until I unveil them!

Check them out in the Milk Soap Section of my shop!


Burnt Mill Candles & Soap said...

that looks wonderful!! Chocolate rocks!

Christine said...

Aww thanks!!!