Monday, April 26, 2010


My day job that is..... :0)

I've entered the 7th glorious month of pregnancy and while for the most part everything is going well (if you don't count the daily injections I now have to give myself for a blood disorder) I've found it increasingly harder to be on my feet all day long at work.

I decided that I would quit my day job to not only rest my legs and feet and give my body some much needed relaxation before the kids are out of school and the baby comes but also to focus on getting Rachel Rene Bath & Body back on track and creating more. IT is now my full-time job and will be until my husband forces me to go and get another job when this baby goes to school! :0)

So in regards to that, I spent all weekend taking inventory and listing all the missing items in my Etsy Shop. All remaining Lip Butter Tubes and Round Bath Bombs are being listed this morning and this afternoon. As well as Lotion Bars, Soaps, Souffles, and Body Mousse that will be listed throughout the week as I get them typed up and photographed.

I'm also working on getting the new lotion bottles with pumps! I'll keep you updated on that in the future!

More to come soon!!!


TeeTee Lynn said...

Ouch! Daily injections! I hope everything else is going well for you. If it helps at all, I'm testing my blood sugar multiple times a week for gestational diabetes, so I guess we both have many more needles in our lives right now than we would like! YAY for getting to stop your on-your-feet job to relax a little bit for the rest of your pregnancy! Hope you are feeling good!

Rachel Rene said...

Yeah - It's not that much fun! I have a genetic blood defect called factor five so my blood is more likely to clot and apparently being pregnant increases your clotting risk as well so I have to give myself a shot of blood thinner daily. They found out when I had my Gestational Diabetes test done. Crazy isn't it!! I hope you are doing well too!! Taking care and feeling well! How far along are you?