Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fall Scents are here!

Ok FINALLY I have gotten all the fall scents in and listed everything up on the site, with the exception of a couple miscellaneous deodorants and Shaving Soap bars.  This is the finalized list of Fall Fragrances that are available:

Sweet and warm roasted almonds with subtle hints of vanilla and butter.

Apples N Spice
Sweet and juicy red apples coated in a spicy blend of cinnamon and cloves.

Brown Sugar & Fig
A complex blend of fresh figs, fruits, milk, florals caramel, vanilla and musk.

Caramel Apple
Juicy red apples dipped in thick homemade caramel sauce.

Cranberry Crunch
Tart cranberries roasting in sugar, juice and spices in a crumbly buttery biscuits.

Pumpkin Pie
A delicious blend of buttery, flaky crust and sweet creamy pumpkin fabulously spiced with cinnamon, clove and rum.
Rhubarb Pie
Sweet strawberries & tart rhubarb in a buttery pie crust straight from the oven.

Spiced Orange & Clove
A spicy pairing of zesty orange peel, waves of clove with supporting notes of ginger and just a touch of cinnamon.
You will note that "Pumpkin Spice" is not on the list.  I have switched it out with Pumpkin Pie because they are very similar and the supplier I was getting Pumpkin Spice from no longer carries it and I wasn't really thrilled with their substitute. 
I know some were really looking forward to the Pumpkin Spice and I hope that you will find the Pumpkin Pie just are wonderful - if not more! :)
In other exciting news - Fall Shaving Bars have all been made Vegan Friendly!! :)  They are still packed with Kaolin Clay to give you that extra slip your razor needs for a close shave while leaving skin smooth and soft!  
You can find all of our Fall Products under the Fall Scents category on our website at or by clicking here!
Thanks everyone!  ENJOY!! :)


Pili said...

Yay for awesome Fall scents! I think the two that are calling me the most are Apple and Spice and Spiced Orange and Clove!

Rachel Rene said...

I absolutely adore the Spiced Orange and Clove!! It is so "fall" I can't even explain it! :)