Tuesday, March 5, 2013


It's Tuesday March 5th and the snow is falling - wait that can't be right it's March right?  It's seems that old man winter is not letting go just yet!  But that's ok - there is a reason I like winter (but only one) there is nothing that I can do outside!  This means that all winter long I work on nothing but new products, promotions, scent combos and of course future products and ideas!!  Hence the new website... :)

One of the new promotions that I've come up with recently is the PRODUCT OF THE WEEK (POTW for short) deal that kicked off yesterday!  Now, before I tell you this weeks POTW here's the fine print:
  • POTW's begin around 7:00am CST every Monday morning and end the following Monday or when inventory is out.
  • I will send a newsletter every Saturday or Sunday announcing the new POTW for the upcoming week.  I will also post it on the blog on Tuesdays.
  • The POTW's are only valid on the new website and NOT in the Etsy Shop
  • You can combine any coupon codes/other discounts with the POTW and save even more.
  • POTW's are NOT valid on custom orders and are good on retail orders only.
  • POTW's can be any product of my choosing and/or a group of products - but feel free to cast a vote on Facebook or here and let me know what POTW you'd like to see offered! 
Now, onto the unveiling of the POTW:

Any Size Body Polish Sugar Scrubs

All 3 sizes of Body Polish Sugar Scrubs have been marked down 10% on the website through 3-11-13 so grab your favorite scent and exfoliate away!  Our Body Polish Sugar Scrubs are amazing!  They gently exfoliate dead skin cells and rough spots from elbows, heels, hands, knees and more leaving behind softer and renewed looking skin! 

Use before spray tanning for a more even tanning experience.  Scrub a little into your scalp for flake free hair then shampoo!  My favorite 2 tricks for our Body Polish are using before shaving (wow - silky smooth legs like you would not believe) AND getting rid of those bumps on the backs of your arms!!  Try some today and feel the difference!! 

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