Monday, March 15, 2010

New Bath Bombs are on the way!

I've been working on the new Bath Bomb Cubes and am looking forward to unveiling them to you soon.

However, since I've still got some round Bath Bombs in stock, I decided to discount them and add them to my Clearance Section as well. These Bath Bombs are the last remaining ones I have so the quantities are limited.

I will also be adding the last of my Lotion Bars to this section too so look for those too!



TeeTee Lynn said...

I can't wait! By the way - I tried the black currant bath bomb last night, and I LOVED it. Just the perfect fruity fragrance with a little bit of perfume at the end. Wonderful! :) Kristi

Christine said...

Oh wonderful!! I love that scent too! I've got it in Body Mousse and Olive Oil Soap too! I just have to get them listed! :0)