Sunday, March 21, 2010

Website Grand Opening Giveaway!

SHOPRACHLERENE.COM is Open For Business!!!


All orders are getting something special!!!

Orders up to $25 get 2 FREE Bath Bomb Cubes or a Lip Butter Tube or Pot

Orders of $25 - $50 get your choice of a FREE Soap or 2oz Body Mousse

Orders of $50 - and up get your choice of a FREE Soap and 2oz Body Mousse, an 8oz Souffle Soap, or a 4oz Body Mousse and a Lip Butter Tube/Pot or a Bath Bomb Cube

So come on over and check out my new website and let me know what you think! I would love some feedback on it, especially if you order something - I'd like to hear how easy the shopping cart was to use and if I can make any improvements!!

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