Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Random thoughts from the pregnant mind!

Ok maybe not so "random". I think it is an extension of the whole "nesting" thing that happens at the end of pregnancy.

I have this uncontrollable need to declutter and organize EVERYTHING in my life right now. It started with moving the kids rooms around and cleaning out their toy boxes and closets. I have now thrown out and donated about half of stuff in my house!

I'm now working on my work shop and business in general! I am committing myself to 25 "regular" fragrances and then having other fragrances that will be seasonal, experiments, limited edition and so on. This came about because several of the fragrances I currently carry have been discontinued by my supplier and I can't find a similar one anywhere else!

All my products will be available in these 25 select fragrances but not right away, I'm working on restocking everything now (which is a tedious task) and plan to have my new line ready to roll by the time I reopen shop in August after maternity leave.

Here's the tentative list:
Almond, Aloha, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Carnival, Chocolate Bar, Creamy Orange Coconut, Eucalyptus & Spearmint, French Vanilla, Green Tea & Cucumber, Lavender, Lemongrass, Lilacs in Bloom, Lumberjack, Mango Papaya, Oakmoss, Oatmeal Milk & Honey, Patchouli, Pure Rain, Rhubarb Al Fresco, Rosemary Mint, Sandalwood, Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, Sweet Grass, Vanilla Spice, and White Ginger & Amber. I will also be carrying all the products in an unscented type.

I'm also thinking of adding a new line to my Lip Butters. What do you think of Tinted Lip Butters? I will still carry all my Lip Butters as they are now, and I'll have the Lip Pots, but I'm considering adding Lip Tints to my line! These would use the same amazing formula that I use now but with some rich color that will enhance your lips natural color. I'd love to hear your opinion!

What else was I thinking about today? Oh yeah, I sent out the May issue of my newsletter and it is FULL of some awesome deals that will be coming up over the next month starting with a coupon code to get 20% Off your next order now through the 22nd and the only way to know what the codes are, is to sign up for it!

That's it for now - I'm sure I'll have a whole list of things to talk about tomorrow but I'll try to spread them out for you! :0)


TeeTee Lynn said...

I would definitely go for tinted lip butters! :) Hope you are feeling good!

Rachel Rene said...

Good to know! I'm actually feeling great! The past week or so has really been nice! Hope you're feeling good too! You're so close :0)