Friday, May 4, 2012

Just a quick update.....

Hi Everyone!!  Just a quick note to let you all know that for now, all of our products will be available exclusively in our Etsy Shop.  With school letting out, little league starting and 3 kids at home full time for the summer, it just took up too much time to maintain and promote 2 sites. 

I've been adding tons of new things to the Etsy Shop and there is still lots, lots more to go!  Plus, I really want to work on adding some completely new products in the next few months. 

If you have any valid coupon codes, gift certificates or voucher codes that were meant for the website, please know that they will be honored in the Etsy Shop as well!  YAY!!!

If you have any questions or concerns just let me know!

Also - here's a little tid bit for everyone!  I'll be clearing out some inventory in about a week or two!  Huge discounts on select items and very limited inventory!  I'll send out a newsletter the night before I discount everything and put up posts on here, Facebook and Twitter the day I unveil them all! 

Thanks everyone!!!!  Can't wait to bring you some awesome new products and fragrances!! :)


Pili said...

Yay for discounts, and yay for Etsy!

Rachel Rene said...

Thanks Pili! :)