Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hurricane Sandy effects my suppliers.......

I've received notice yesterday and today that some of my suppliers are unable to fill certain product orders due to their manufacturers being affected by Hurricane Sandy.  Some are without power still and cannot fill/process supply orders at all. 

I do not know how long it will be before they are back up and running and shipping supplies to my suppliers or even what ingredients/supplies will be out of stock yet.  I have been told that numerous fragrances *MAY* run out of stock and could be out of stock for quite some time. 

One product for sure that will not be making it's debut on the 12th is the Bubble Bars I have been raving about for weeks.  I'm told that the ingredients I ordered last week will not be arriving until the 14th at the earliest.  So, unfortunately, it will be around the the 21st -25th before Bubble Bars are listed in the shop :(

As for fragrances, I cannot order them from anyone else as they are not all created equal.  I do have a enough for now but I'm not sure how long they will last or if they do run out, when they will be back in stock. 

I'm giving everyone a heads up that it could be weeks before things get moving again so if there is a particular scent that you are almost out of or were thinking of ordering, you may want to grab it now while it is in stock. 

I will be going through the site this evening and pulling any items that are not physically in stock right now as well as posting any that are in stock and not listed. 

I apologize for future delays this may cause but I've been assured that once things are back to normal, all supplies will be available again.

Thanks everyone and while this may be a bump in the road I'm grateful that the suppliers I use gave me a heads up and were not more harshly affected by the storms!


Pili said...

I'll have to do stock on what I have and order accordingly!

Thank you for the heads up, I'm sure things will work out fine!

Rachel Rene said...

Hey Pili!! :) I just learned that it is mainly fragrances that will be affected. The ingredients I use seem to be "safe" at the moment. Hopefully the Northeast will get some relief soon (they are getting a snow storm now). If you have any questions before ordering, shoot me a message and I can give you a better idea of whether or not what you need is affected by this or not! :)