Monday, October 3, 2011

My Fantasty Football woes!

Being born and raised in a family of football fanatics and then marrying one it's easy to see why I am a huge fan of the game myself.  It has nothing to do with guys in tight pants either.  It has to do the game.  Watching a perfectly timed throw from a QB land in the waiting hands of his Wide Receiver in the last minute of the game to then run it in to the end-zone to win the game by 1 or 2 points is amazing to me.  It's the pure excitement of it all that catches my fancy.

Until this season though I've been a one game a week girl.  Always the Bears - hey I'm from Chicago what did you expect?  Well last year my brother started this fantasy league and everyone was in it except me and I was like - "Hey, what the heck!  Why didn't I get invited?"  So this year, my brother sent me the e-mail and I joined his league.  My husband (who played fantasy football most of his adult life except the past few years) said you're gonna get mad.  I didn't understand.  But he said because you're going to have to care about a lot of teams and players and when they don't do it right your gonna get mad at me.  I said no I wouldn't and shook it off like he was crazy - I'm a cool and collective kind of gal, what do I care if my guy scores any points or not.  Ladies, there is a time to listen to your husband and if you've been married for 10+ years, there's a chance he knows you pretty darn well!

It's week 4 now and my brother and I played each other this weekend, we were both 0-3 because both our teams seem to suck big time (pardon my french) but it's the truth.  We talked tons of trash prior to the games starting and even though I didn't fully expect to win I really really wanted to!!  But I suffered my biggest loss of the season 122-72 - give or take a few.  What the heck man!?  His QB alone scored 49 points and mine scored a whopping 7 - idiot! 

I have never in my life though football would make me a screaming at the TV, cursing out players for throwing to the wrong receiver, wishing a team would kick a field goal instead of going for 2 maniac but it did!  All the while my husband sits next to me on the couch laughing with that "I told you so" grin on his face.  I'm not sure what's more annoying, the fact that I'm 0-4 now or the fact that my husband was right and can now hold it over me forever!!

So I beg you please, cross your fingers and send me some luck that I don't end up 0-5 next weekend!

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